Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan Consulting

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Consulting

REQUIREMENTS REVIEW otherwise known as a Scoping Review. We research your requirements for information technology or business functions. We help you define a roadmap with goals and objectives for your program.

PLAN AUDITING is a detailed review of your existing business continuity program to determine the condition of components and the validity of procedures.  We review your list of critical business functions, computer applications, communications resources, team strategies and implementation processes, plan maintenance activities, recovery coordinator duties, data collection and documentation practices, testing and exercising procedures.

RECOVERY ASSESSMENT Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessments to study the requirements and relative costs associated with implementing business continuity strategies.  We work with every leading service provider on your behalf to develop the recovery strategies that best suit your needs and budget.

PLAN DOCUMENTATION is the process of developing and documenting a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan.  You may choose between customized recovery plans developed from CSI or we may recommend a custom-built web-based package that integrates word processing templates and databases from a leading disaster recovery software provider.

CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT (COOP) CSI is available to audit and develop COOP plans for government organizations.  CSI consultants follow federal guidelines when working with clients.  Areas include command and management, preparedness, resource management, communications and information management, supporting technologies, ongoing management and maintenance, incident command systems, organization, operations, planning, logistics, finance and administration, establishing area command, predestined facilities, planning process, incident management and resource typing systems.

PLAN TESTING and EXERCISES  Many types of rehearsals are available to validate procedures and team structures in contingency plans.  There is a table-top walk through exercise, host exercises and end-to-end component test scenarios. We serve both in an advisory role and as a rehearsal auditor. We help you evaluate the exercise or test activities and guide you through the process of working through the “lessons learned.”  We delicately work with your vendors to test their competency during alternate facility tests.

PLAN MAINTENANCE consists of continued client support as we update your recovery programs.  Our Client Assistance and Support Program (CASP) is tailored to your individual needs.

SEMINARS, LECTURES & TRAINING We are available to speak to your organization on a variety of recovery planning topics. We also offer tailored training programs to train your staff how to fill out data collection forms and establish business continuity program. CSI is available to conduct many types of educational seminars and speaking engagements.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE HANDBOOK outlines procedures for handling emergencies in the workplace. We tailor this document to meet your organizational requirements.  We develop pamphlets and emergency communication wallet cards.

PHYSICAL AND IT SECURITY EXPOSURE ANALYSIS is a complete assessment of your facilities and information technology environment as we conduct a detailed physical assessment of the data center, buildings and facilities or both.  We offer software hardware and network device assessments including intrusion and penetration testing if needed.  CSI documents security risks and vulnerabilities and we present options to improve organizational security.

Please click HERE to review the business continuity methodology that we have developed and follow at CSI.