Expedient Data Center Management

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The reason organizations select Expedient as a data center services provider is based on Expedient’s ability to drive the key business outcomes that enable profitability and efficiency.

Expedient is a data center service provider with eleven data centers across the nation that offers cloud computing, colocation, connectivity, and managed services such managed firewall, push-button disaster recovery and managed backups – all with a 100% uptime service level agreement.

In the current world of IT infrastructure, businesses are required to be agile and not lock down to any form of proprietary technology; to be able to mold resources to fit business requirements today and tomorrow.

Due to ever-increasing demand to have maximum availability, most in-house IT teams cannot affordably support the uptime requirements generated from the business.  Expedient builds their facilities, hardware and processes to this level and also provides 24/7/365 expert support and backs up the 100% uptime contractually.  Hence, business that require maximum uptime – healthcare, retail, finance – gravitate toward Expedient.

One of the key drawbacks to using the large multi-national cloud providers is cost containment.  The buy-by-the-hour model is expensive and often varies month-to-month.  Enterprise organizations prefer to have a set fee they can bank on monthly.

Inherently, these same organizations prefer to work with someone they know, someone that they can see and trust in times of need. Expedient prevents many forms of stress by providing risk mitigation through strict compliance measures with government regulations and industry best practices. Expedient readily provides the key documents that detail compliance measures that are complimentary to those organizations governed by Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI or any of the plethora of regulatory procedures.

Visit https://www.expedient.com/ to learn about all of the services provided.